Suffering from Anxiety? LARKR Can Help.

There are many things in life that can cause one to experience anxiety. Personal relationships, work issues, financial problems and just overwhelming everyday challenges. Whatever may be influencing your anxiety, LARKR can connect you with the right therapist to help guide you through it. Sometimes, all you need is a professional to talk to in order to help organize your thoughts, declutter your mind and find better ways to cope.

Meet LARKR, the Therapist You Keep in Your Pocket

LARKR connects you with a live, licensed therapist for a 50-minute video session whenever you need it. Now, you can talk to a true anxiety expert who can help you sort out your life, all from the comfort of your own home or even on-the-go. There’s no need to go through this alone.

  • 100% Private
  • Available 24.7
  • No Complicated Billing
  • No Monthly Commitment

You’re Not the Only One Experiencing Anxiety.

Anxiety is an issue that is more common than you might think. Sometimes, people disguise it by holding it in, but you don’t have to do that anymore. You may be experiencing fatigue and restlessness and don’t understand where its coming from. If everyday life is becoming too stressful and things that normally don’t stress you out are now too much to handle, it may be time for you to speak with a licensed professional.

Easily Accessible Therapists

The licensed therapists on LARKR’s app are ready when you are. Connect today with a licensed professional to help get your mind on the right track.

Track Your Mood

In addition to our certified professionals, LARKR has a “My Story” feature that encourages you to track and monitor your daily mood with a few simple taps. This can help flag if you sink into a problematic “funk” that needs to be addressed.

Preparing for the Future

Being in a healthy state of mind is the quickest way to move forward with your life and our therapists help you get there.

A Clearer Mind Is Right Around the Corner

Anxiety can cause one to have racing or unwanted thoughts. Don’t be afraid to share those thoughts with a professional therapist who can help you understand where they’re coming from and how to deal with them. LARKR’s licensed professionals are available to speak to you anytime, anywhere. Start taking the steps today to generate a more positive outlook on life and to shift your perspective for the better.

Help Wherever & Whenever You Need It Most

At home, work, or on the go… Our advanced tele-psychology platform and curated network of professional therapists are here for you.

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Approximately 50 million Americans experience mental illness each year, but nearly 60% go untreated. Take a step to end the suffering by seeking help from the comfort of your own home.