What is happiness? Is joy just a inner state of being based on levels of achievement and satisfaction in life? Researchers have uncovered enough data to show that your mood is affected by many things – one of which is food. Part of any good self-care regimen for mental health includes a critical look at your entire lifestyle which should include your diet. Getting hungry frequently, skipping meals, eating things that can slow down the efficiency of your brain are all things that can trigger anxiety, anger and depression. Below is an infographic we put together that shows some of the ways that diet can affect your mood. If you’re considering changing your diet in an effort to improve your mental health we strongly suggest talking to your physician and coming up with a good plan for you and your body and discussing your intentions with a therapist. As always, Larkr’s network of licensed therapists are standing by to help guide you with any questions you may have.

Approximately 50 million Americans experience mental illness each year, but nearly 60% go untreated. Take a step to end the suffering by seeking help from the comfort of your own home.