Frustrated That You’re Still Single? We Know the Feeling. Larkr Can Help.

Whether you’ve been single for quite some time or have just endured a difficult break-up, being single and lonely can bring out some of the hardest times for people. Oftentimes, these feelings of isolation can lead to depression, anxiety and general sense of helplessness. Talking to a licensed therapist during difficult times like this has shown to be hugely helpful in getting into the right mindset to move your life forward. Larkr can partner you with the perfect therapist to shift your headspace and get your life back on track.

Meet Larkr, the Therapist You Keep in Your Pocket.

Larkr connects you with a live, licensed therapist for a 50-minute video session whenever you need it. Now you can talk to a true relationship expert who can help you sort out your life in the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to go through this alone.

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Everyone Goes Through Ups and Downs in Their Love Life.

It’s normal to have high and low points in your love life, but if the low feelings persist and start to affect your everyday life experts say it’s time to seek some professional help. If being single is at the forefront of your mind constantly, you’re losing sleep over it, you’re experiencing fatigue, physical aches and pain from the stress and anxiety, of if you’ve lost an interest in things that you once considered enjoyable then it’s definitely time to seek the help of someone with experience.

Relationship Experts

Our network includes therapists who specialize in relationship counseling and getting people through times just like this.

Male & Female Therapists

You can specify your therapists’ gender so you can commiserate or get the opposite gender’s input on your love life.

Preparing for the Future

Being in a healthy state of mind is the quickest way to move forward with your life and our therapists help you get there.

You Deserve to be Happy

Being single can often lead to people thinking they deserve to be single or that something might be “wrong” with them or that they’re not “normal.” The truth is there is no such thing as normal. Working with a therapist can give you some much needed perspective of who you are and help you understand why you might be single and how to get through this stage of your life with happiness and clarity.

Help Wherever & Whenever You Need It Most

At home, work, or on the go… Our advanced tele-psychology platform and curated network of professional therapists are here for you.

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Approximately 50 million Americans experience mental illness each year, but nearly 60% go untreated. Take a step to end the suffering by seeking help from the comfort of your own home.