Do You Feel Trapped in a Sexual Addiction? LARKR Can Help.

Opening up to someone about a sex or pornographic addiction can be intimidating and difficult. You may experience shame in your addiction and not be comfortable seeking help for fear of judgement. Oftentimes, there are other issues at the root of a sexual addiction, such as abuse or other forms of neglect that you may have experienced in your past. Whatever the case may be, LARKR has professional and confidential therapists that are available to talk you through it.

    Meet LARKR, the Therapist You Keep In Your Pocket

    LARKR connects you with a live, licensed therapist for a 50-minute video session whenever you need it. Now, you can talk to a true sex addiction expert who can help you sort out your life, all from the comfort of your own home or even on-the-go. There’s no need to go through this alone.

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    It’s Okay to Open Up.

    You no longer have to feel ashamed because of your addiction. It’s better to seek help now than to feel as though you have to go through things by yourself. Acknowledging compulsive patterns that have now become an overwhelming part of your life is a first step, a step that you should be proud of for making. Now, it’s time to keep pushing forward and get the help that you need. If you notice anxiety, emotional instability or agitation when you actively try to stop your compulsiveness, it is definitely time for you to seek the help of a licensed therapist.


    LARKR’s therapists are 100% licensed and committed to keeping sessions with each individual confidential at all times.

    Compulsive Behavior Specialists

    Our network of professional therapists includes those who have vast experience in helping others defeat their compulsive behaviors.

    Daily Suggestions to Improve Mental Health

    In addition to our licensed therapists, LARKR’s “Be The Change” feature helps you lead a happier life by providing ideas of daily good deeds that serve yourself and others.

    Live A Full, Addiction-Free Life

    You deserve to live a life that is full and free from unwanted addictions. Don’t allow your addiction or compulsive behaviors to control you. Instead, choose today to take full control. Battling with an addiction can be a tough burden to bear, but you don’t need to bear it alone. There are therapists that are willing to listen to you and help you, with no judgement. After speaking to our therapists, your days of feeling lonely, afraid or ashamed are soon to be over.

    Help Wherever & Whenever You Need It Most

    At home, work, or on the go… Our advanced tele-psychology platform and curated network of professional therapists are here for you.

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