Therapist Sign Up Instructions

The Video to the right is a quick walk-through demo of how the app works once you’ve registered as a therapist. We’ve recorded this video to show you around the app and the basic functionality. Some of our more frequently asked questions from therapists are below along with a step-by-step illustrated guide of how to register as a therapist on the LARKR network.

The instructions below will walk you through the exact steps in the app that need to be taken in order to register as a therapist. Once you’ve completed all the steps outlined below a member of our therapist verification team will reach out to you via phone or email within a day or two to get a few documents that verify your status as a practitioner in order to allow you to become part of the Larkr network.  If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at Before we jump in to the onboarding process though, let’s get a couple frequently asked questions out of the way:

What is the therapist compensation?

A question we get often is what is the therapist compensation. Therapists are compensated $40 for a 50-minute video session. We do not require check-ins, constant messaging with clients or any paperwork filing on behalf of your client. Crystal clear pricing that keeps everything transparent.

Can I use Larkr with my own clients?

We are currently developing a portal where therapists can invite their own clients to join Larkr. These clients would be exclusive to you as a therapist. You will be able to charge any rate you like for these clients. Larkr takes 10% of your session fee with a minimum of $10 per session.

How do I get my fees?

Your fees are sent to you via PayPal and you can request payment of any fees you’ve earned anytime you’d like. We allow our therapists to make up to two transfers a month of their earnings.

Can I see clients in another state or country?

In order to comply with state licensure requirements, we only pair up clients with therapists in the state they are licensed in.

What kind of documentation do I need to provide?

After submitting your information through the short process outlined below someone from our team will reach out to you to gather a few documents. The documents we request are as follows: a government-issued form of identification (usually a driver’s license), and proof of education obtained (usually a school degree). After we gather that information we check with the BBS to make sure you are in good standing as a practicing therapist. That’s it. We try to keep the acceptance process to our network as easy as possible.

Are their discounts for therapists who want to use the app as clients?

There sure are! We understand that everyone, including therapists, needs to seek the help of other therapists. As a courtesy, any therapist registered on the Larkr network can receive therapy sessions at a discounted rate of $50/session.

What You see First

The first time you open the Larkr app after downloading it from the app store you’ll be greeted with a few intro screens that will show you where things are in the interface. These screens are really meant more for the client than for therapists but we encourage you to read through them so you can understand what a client’s experience is on the platform.

After the Welcome Screens

After the initial welcome screens you’ll be taken to the guest homepage which will show four different icons. The next step to start the registartion process as a therapist is to click on the the “Talk Therapy” icon.

The Psychiatric Emergency Screen

Next you’ll see a screen that alerts clients that if this is a psychiatric emergency they should dial 9-1-1. Simple click continue to move to the next step in the process.

Sign up as a Therapist

The next screen is where the actual process of signing up will begin. Click on the Therapist Login & Registration to move on to the next step.

Enter your Cell Phone Number

On the following screen simply enter your phone number to register your phone and connect it to your account. You’ll receive a text message with a confirmation code a few seconds after tapping on the “send confirmation code” button.

Enter in the Confirmation Code

After tapping on the “send confirmation code” button you will be taken to the screen where you can enter the code and verify it. You should be able to see the code in an alert bubble and avoid closing the app, but if you do happen to close the app, you will be able to open it back up and enter the code.

Registrant Information

Once you have confirmed your device with the code on the previous screen you’ll be taken to the main registration screen for therapists. Please make sure to fill out all the information on this screen. You’ll also need to provide a picture of yourself. If you click on the bird icon you can chose to upload a photo from your device or to take a new photo with your device’s camera. Clients chose what therapist they’ll see based on their photo, the specialties they’ve listed and what they write in the section labeled “Your approach.”

Submit Your Information

If you’ve filled out all the information in the registration fields and have uploaded a photo of yourself, you are ready to submit your appication. Simply hit the submit button and you’re all set. As we mentioned earlier someone from the Larkr team will reach out to you within 1-2 days via phone or email to verify your status as a practitioner and get some documentation for you before going live on our network.

Approximately 50 million Americans experience mental illness each year, but nearly 60% go untreated. Take a step to end the suffering by seeking help from the comfort of your own home.